Instructions for presenters

The total of submitted abstracts was 30 - thank you for your contributions. The conference scientific committee has accepted twelve abstracts to be presented as oral presentations and eighteen abstracts as poster presentations.

All the accepted oral and poster abstracts will be published in the abstract book. Those accepted as oral presentations can also submit their full paper (max length 3000 words) to be considered for the special conference publication (proceedings) coming out after the conference. Deadline for full paper submission is 30 April 2010. Instructions on how to prepare and submit the full paper will be sent together with notification of acceptance and they are also at the end of this page.

Please note that at least one author of each accepted presentation is required to register for the conference to present the paper and/or to be at an assigned space to answer questions during the poster session. There is no funding available to cover registration fee or other expenses to presenters.

Guidelines for oral presentations
EUCEN conferences are designed to be as informal, friendly and participative as possible. To facilitate this, you are asked to take into account the following points in presenting your paper: 

  • The time reserved for one presentation is 20 minutes. There will be only two presentations in each session and the rest of the time will be dedicated to discussion. The session moderator will make sure you finish on time.
  • Please send by 30 April 2010 to the conference office ( a list of questions or issues that you wish to be addressed during the discussion. They will be forwarded to the session moderator.
  • Each session room will be equipped with a computer (with access to Internet) as well as data projector. You cannot use your own laptop in the session room!
  • If you wish to use other AV- equipment please inform the conference office about this by 30 April 2010.
  • Please either send you PowerPoint slides in advance to the conference office or bring them with you on a CD or a USB memory stick. The slides received in advance will be waiting for you on the session room computer. If you bring your slides with you, please hand in your slides to the registration desk as soon as you arrive at the conference venue.
  • Please bring copies of your PowerPoint presentation for distribution (15-20 copies).


Guidelines on how to prepare your PowerPoint slides

  • Your presentation can be loaded onto the network without problems if it does not exceed 100 MB: larger files can cause problems!
  • PowerPoint versions accepted are PowerPoint MS Office 95, Office 97, Office 2003 and Office XP. HOX PowerPoint slides made using the 2007 version will not work.
  • Use embedded pictures, DO NOT use images linked to other files. Linked pictures will not show up in your presentation! Accepted picture file formats: JPG and GIF
  • Video and audio objects: Windows Media Player 11 and RealPlayer 10v available. Use embedded files, DO NOT use files linked to other files. Linked files will not show up in your presentation!
  • Accepted Fonts are the standard Windows fonts. If you use a non-standard (e.g. scientific symbols) font with your presentation, you should supply this non-standard font separately with your presentation. For a normal projection, the font size .24 is sufficient. Use computer resolution 800x600 or max. 1024x768 and 16 or 24 bits.
  • Choose under a File, Page-setup, On-screen Show, Size 24 x 18 cm landscape. If you use a standard background format, you have to realize that different consecutive presentations might cause some problems. It is better to choose Apply for the background of each single slide than to choose Apply to all.
  • Legibility of the text: How to determine your own legibility: For a 17 inch screen, stand 2 metres away. If you can see your presentation (slide + text) clearly (presentation 100% image) there shouldn’t be problems seeing this presentation in a lecture room.

Guidelines for poster presentations

The posters will be on display during the whole conference. Your poster should be mounted on Thursday as soon as you arrive at the conference venue, but by the Conference Opening session on Friday at the latest. Pushpins used for mounting the poster on the poster board will be provided by the organizer.

There will be a separate poster session held at the poster area on Friday at 17.15-18.15. During this session authors are expected to be at their poster.

Please make sure you follow carefully the instructions below.

  • The dimension of the poster should be A1 size (i.e. 59 x 84 cm)
  • The poster should include a title in large print at the top with the institution where the work was completed underneath (in smaller letters).
  • Posters should be prepared in a large size font which can be easily read at a distance of 1½ meters.
  • We advice you to keep illustrative material simple by using charts, graphs, drawings and pictures.
  • Your poster should follow an easy to understand format i.e. abstract methods, results and conclusions
  • Please prepare your poster on one sheet, not in separate small sheets.
  • Send your poster to the conference office ( in advance in PDF-form and it will be added on the conference website for extra exposure.

Where an abstract is related to a project, EUCEN recommends that printed information or handouts are made available. Please inform the conference office well in advance if printed materials will be available to ensure enough space is available for display.