Keynote Speakers



Professor Scott Wilson
Scott Wilson is a Professor at the School of Humanities, Kingston University, UK, where he is teaching media and cultural studies. His two most recent books are: The Order of Joy: Beyond the Cultural Politics of Enjoyment (SUNY Press, 2008) and Great Satan’s rage: American negativity and rap / metal in the age of supercapitalism (Manchester University Press, 2008). He is co-editor (with Michael Dillon) of the Journal for Cultural Research (Taylor & Francis) and co-editor (with Fred Botting) of The Bataille Reader (Blackwell). His research interests include cultural & critical theory, particularly psychoanalysis and the legacy of Georges Bataille. He is currently working on a book on the audio unconscious.


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Professor Michael J. Shapiro
Michael J. Shapiro is a Professor of Political Science at the University of Hawaii. Among his recent publications are: Cinematic Geopolitics (Routledge 2009) and The Time of the City: Politics, Philosophy and Genre (Routledge, 2010). He is currently completing a methods monograph: Studies in Trans-Disciplinary Method: After the Aesthetic Turn, which will be in press at Routledge in the spring of 2012.


Dr. Jeremy Gilbert
Jeremy Gilbert is a reader in Cultural Studies at the University of East London, His most recent book is Anticapitalism and Culture and he has co-authored books on the philosophy of dance music and the relationship between culture and politics in Blair’s Britain as well as publishing numerous articles on cultural theory, politics and music. At present Jeremy is working on a book about ideas of collectivity in the 21st century. He is one of the two current editors of the leading cultural theory journal, New Formations.

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Mårten Spångberg
Mårten Spångberg is a choreographer living and working in Stockholm. His interests concern choreography in an expanded field which he approaches through experimental practices and creative processes in a multiplicity of formats and expressions. He has been active on stage as both performer and creator since 1994, and has since 1999 created his own choreographies, from solos to larger scale works, touring internationally on a regular basis. Under the label International Festival he collaborates with the architect Tor Lindstrand which engages in social and expanded choreography. From 1996 – 2005 Spångberg has organized and curated festivals in Sweden and internationally. He initiated the network organization INPEX in 2006, and has thorough experience in teaching both theory and practice. Since 2008 Mårten has been Director of the MA program in Choreography at the University of Dance in Stockholm.