Cultural Encounters and Northern Reflections

WAAE Summit 2012, 7 - 10 November 2012

Keynote Speakers
Rita L. Irwin
Title: What does an art education practice set in motion do?

Rita L. Irwin is a Professor of Art Education, and Associate Dean of Teacher Education, at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada. She is also the current President of the International Society for Education through Art. Rita publishes widely, exhibits her artworks, and has secured a range of research grants to support her work. Her most recent co-edited books include Curriculum in a New Key: The Collected Works of Ted T. Aoki (co-edited with William F. Pinar), Revisions: Readings in Canadian Art Teacher Education (co-edited with Kit Grauer and Mike Emme), and Being with A/r/tography (co-edited with Stephanie Springgay, Carl Leggo and Peter Gouzouasis). Rita is an artist, researcher, and teacher deeply committed to the arts and education.

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Teresa Torres de Eça
Title: Creating Global Networks Through Local Actions: Alternative Encounters In Arts Education

Dr Teresa Torres de Eça is an art teacher at Alves Martins School in Viseu, Portugal and as a researcher collaborates with the following research centres in Portugal : Research Centre on Child Studies (CIEC) University of Minho, Research Institute of Art, Design and Society — IIADS, University of Porto. Research Centre in Education and Psychology (CIEP) University of Évora and in Spain with the Interdisciplinary Research Group ‘ Culture, Imagination and Artistic Creation’ , from Universidad Autónoma of Madrid. Her research interests are focused on visual narratives; community arts; transcultural projects and interdisciplinary education. Teresa Torres de Eça earned her Ph.D. at the University of Surrey-Roehampton , UK (2004), a Master in Art Craft and Design Education at University of Surrey-Roehampton , UK (1999), and Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Fine Arts School in University of Porto, Portugal (1985).

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Deborah L. Smith-Shank
Title: Gender, Girl Power, and Art Education

Deborah L. Smith-Shank received a Ph.D. from Indiana University in 1992, and serves as Chair and Professor of Art Education at The Ohio State University. She is also Emeritus Professor of Art at Northern Illinois University where she served as Head of the Art Education program. Smith has taught K-12 art, as well as undergraduate and graduate students for over 30 years. Her research is involved with artifacts of visual / material culture and social justice examined through semiotic and feminist lenses and has published over 100 journal articles and book chapters, and edited the 2004 book, Semiotics and Visual Culture: Sights, Signs, and Significance. Smith-Shank currently serves as elected Vice President of the International Society for Education Through Art ( and is co-editor and founder of the journal of Visual Culture & Gender, an international, freely accessed, multimedia juried journal (

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Graham Welch
Title: The social benefits of music

Professor Graham Welch, President of the International Society for Music Education (2010 – 2012), Chair of the Society for Education, Music and Psychology Research, and Established Chair of Music Education at the Institute of Education at The University of London (England). Research interests include musical development and music education across the lifespan, teacher education, the psychology of music, singing and voice science, music in special education and disability and the wider benefits of music. Professor Welch has published extensively in these fields.

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Margaret Barrett
Title: The meaning and value of the arts in children's lives: An Australian perspective.

Professor Margaret Barrett, President-Elect of the international Society for Music Education (2012 – 2014), Chair of the Asia-Pacific Symposium for Research in Music Education, and Professor and Head of School of the School of Music, The University of Queensland (Australia). A key aspect of her work has been the development of innovative arts-based inquiry methods in music and music education. Recent and forthcoming publications include A cultural psychology of music education (OUP, 2011), Narrative inquiry in music education: Troubling certainty (with Sandra Stauffer, Springer publications, 2009), and Narrative soundings: An anthology of narrative inquiry in music education (with Sandra Stauffer, Springer publications, 2012).

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Sheila C. Woodward
Title: Are the arts relevant to children facing a world in crisis?

Dr. Sheila Woodward is Chair Elect of Music and Associate Professor of Music Education at Eastern Washington University, USA. She is a native of South Africa and earned her Ph. D. from the University of Cape Town and a Performer’s Licentiate in Organ from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. Dr. Woodward is President Elect of the International Society for Music Education and Chair of the National Association for Music Education (USA) Council on IN-ovations. Dr. Woodward’s research focus is "Music and Wellbeing." She explores this from before birth to adulthood. She has been awarded generous grants to promote international exchange programs, bringing South African musicians to perform in the USA alongside American students and professors, and she has directed numerous music education outreach programs in both countries. Her experience allows her to offer valuable contributions to WAAE projects on Advocacy, Research and Networking.

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Ralph Buck
Title: New Zealand Primary School teachers teaching dance and the Seoul Agenda for Arts Education

Associate Professor Ralph Buck is Head of Dance Studies, National Institute of Creative Arts and Industries, The University of Auckland. His research and teaching focuses on dance education curriculum, dance pedagogy and community dance. Ralph is currently the elected Chair, Executive Council, World Alliance for Arts Educators; Chair, Education and Training Networks, World Dance Alliance: Dance advisor, UNESCO International Advisory Committee, Second World Conference on Arts Education. Ralph’s teaching and leadership has been recognised by The University of Auckland Distinguished Teaching Award, 2008; Faculty Award for Leadership, 2010; and, the 2006 Excellence Award for Equal Opportunities. His research in Dance education is published in international journals and he has delivered invited key note addresses and Master classes in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, Columbia, New Zealand and Fiji.

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Jeff Meiners
Title: Towards a new inclusive Australian dance curriculum: power, contestations and settlements

Jeff Meiners is a lecturer and researcher at the University of South Australia with current research focusing on an Artists in Residence project in teacher education. He has taught extensively in schools, universities, as leader of a dance education team in London, and with Ausdance to support dance development in metropolitan and regional areas. Jeff works with the National Advocates for Arts Education, government and education departments, as movement director for children’s theatre plus experience with overseas projects including England, Portugal, Papua New Guinea, Singapore and Taiwan. Jeff was the Australia Council Dance Board’s Community Representative (2002-7), 2009 Australian Dance Award winner for Outstanding Services to Dance Education and dance writer for the new Australian national curriculum’s Arts Shape paper. Jeff’s doctoral research focuses on dance in the primary school curriculum.

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Ann Kippling Brown
Title: Models for dance teacher education: promoting communal and personal well being

Ann Kipling Brown, Ph.D. is presently a professor in dance education in the Arts Education Program in the Faculty of Education at the University of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. She works extensively with children, youth and adults in public and dance studio settings. Her teaching and research includes a consideration of dance as a way of knowing; dance pedagogy; integration of notation in dance programs; and the role of dance in a person’s lived world.

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Patrice Baldwin
Title: With Drama in Mind: real learning in imagined worlds

Patrice Baldwin is President of the International Drama Theatre and Education Association (IDEA) and Chair of National Drama ( the UK leading association of drama and theatre educators). She is Director of Drama for Learning and Creativity (D4LC), an international school improvement initiative that involves teacher led action research. She was a primary school Headteacher for 11 years before becoming a local authority Adviser for the Promotion of the Arts in Schools and later Adviser for Arts Development and Improvement. A School Improvement Partner and a past Ofsted inspector of schools, she now works as an Artsmark assessor for Arts Council England and is a consultant to key agencies for the school curriculum.. As an educational writer, she has produced several key books on drama for learning and has a particular interest in Drama and Neuroscience and Drama as a way of improving children’s literacy. She also has worked as a scriptwriter and series consultant for BBC Education. She is a Visiting Fellow at the University of East Anglia and a part time lecturer at the University of Warwick. She has presented at World Creativity Summits in Taiwan and the UK and at the UNESCO Second Arts in Education Conference in Seoul.

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Samuel Leong
Title: Cultural Mismatch & Creativity in Arts Education

Samuel Leong (PhD) is Professor and Associate Dean (Quality Assurance & Enhancement) of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and the Head of the Department of Cultural and Creative Arts at the Hong Kong Institute of Education. For over 30 years, he has had a multifarious and interdisciplinary career and has given invited presentations in four continents including the World Learning Conference, the World Creativity Summit, and convened the Interdisciplinary and Creative Arts Education Summit. A recipient of competitive grants from the Australian Research Council, Hong Kong Research Grants Council and Hong Kong Arts Development Council, he has worked collaboratively with researchers from Human Movement, Engineering, Computer Science and Neuro-psychiatry. He is currently the Director of the UNESCO Observatory for Research in Local Cultures and Creativity in Education. He is also the Director of Research of the International Drama/Theatre and Education Association and serves on the boards of nine refereed journals

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Mercy Mirembe Ntangaare
Title: Experiments in ICT and Social Media as Tools and Resources for Literacy, Trans-culturalism, Interculturalism, Poverty Eradication and Sustainability

Dr. Mercy Mirembe Ntangaare is the vice President of IDEA and an Associate Professor of Drama/Theatre at the Performing Arts and Film Department of Makerere University, Kampala, where she is former Head of Department (2002-2009). She has been Deputy Dean in the Faculty of Arts since 2010. She teaches Drama, Theatre Marketing and Folklore (Cultural Identity studies) and is a playwright and folklorist. Mercy is a founder and former Chairperson (2000-2002) of Eastern Africa Theatre Institute (EATI), a regional theatre network operating in Uganda. Tanzania, Kenya, and Ethiopia since 1999. She is Board Member EATI-Uganda (since 2004) and Chairperson of Board of Trustees of Uganda National Cultural Centre (UNCC) since January 2009. Her current research is in e-publishing, particularly audio and e-books Dr. Mirembe Ntangaare is also a member of the Lions Club of Kampala Central and has held senior positions including Club President. She has presented at a World Creativity Summit.

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