Cultural Encounters and Northern Reflections

WAAE Summit 2012, 7 - 10 November 2012

Social Programme Welcoming Evening
Wednesday 7 November

The Welcoming Evening will be organized on Wednesday 7 November at Arktikum (Pohjoisranta 4). The evening programme:

18:00 - 19.15
Film Screening: Eleven human image, Finland, 2012, 76 min (English subtitles), Anastasia Lapsui and Markku Lehmuskallio, Polarium- theatre

The film examines people in prehistoric rock pictures. The film does not approach the rock art from the archaeologist or art historian point of view, but sees the rock image as a mirror, which reflects man's self-portrait. When a person creates an image to the rock, at the same time he reveals something about himself, his time and thinking. Totemic images are more powerful than the totem itself.

19:30 - 21:30
Welcome Reception will be arrange in Gallery Valo (Light) at Arktikum. This cocktail reception will be sponsored by the City of Rovaniemi and hosted by Mr. Esko Lotvonen, Mayor of Rovaniemi. The evening will also include the opening of the Arctic Arts Exhibition. 

Bus transfer will be provided from the University to Arktikum at 17:40 and after the evening programme back to the conference hotels.

: For participants the reception is included in the registration fee, but advance registration is required. For accompanying persons there is a separate fee 30 €; advance registration and payment is required.

Summit Dinner
Thursday 8 November

The Summit Dinner will be held on Thursday 8 November at 19:00 at Santa’ Hotel Santa Claus, Restaurant Kirnu. The dinner will be sponsored by the University of the Arctic and hosted by Ms Outi Snellman, UArctic Vice-President Administration. The evening will include a served three-course dinner with programme. Hotel Santa Claus is located in the city centre within walking distance from the other conference hotels. No bus transfer will be provided.

Dinner programme will be performed by Dance Theatre Rimpparemmi. Charmers and Amusement Taxes is a performance that takes the audience to a nostalgic time trip with a fictional dance band called 'Singing Seashell'. The band performs Finnish evergreen hits from the 1950's and 1960's. Not only do the members of Singing Seashell sing and play music, they also dance and even recite poems. Amid the music and dancing, audience gets a glimpse of the band members’ lives and fates: falling in and out of love, the joys and hardships of life. Note that the show contains songs and poems performed in Finnish.

Rimpparemmi is Finland's northernmost professional dance theatre which offers a unique mix of Finnish folk dance and contemporary dance. Yearly, the ensemble produces two to four full-length pieces, of which at least one is aimed at younger audience. Along with dance theatre performances, Rimpparemmi offers dance-related workshops for children and adolescents. Based in the city of Rovaniemi, Dance Theatre Rimpparemmi is a locally remarkable professional theatre that tours around Finland, including even the northernmost parts of Lapland. Increasing the accessibility and appreciation of dance as an art form is a substantial part of Rimpparemmi’s work. The themes of Rimpparemmi's performances are drawn from topical issues as well as tradition. Many works deal with topics currently discussed in society and the influence they have on an individual. On the other hand, Rimpparemmi's repertoire also includes performances where Finnish folk tradition and nostalgia are strongly present.

Price: For participants the dinner is included in the registration fee, but advance registration is required. For accompanying persons there is a separate fee 80 €; advance registration and payment is required.

River Lights Event
Friday 9 November 

Riverlights Fire Sculpture event is held aside Kemijoki river starting at 19:00. The river plays an important role in northern myths concerning the period of darkness and disappearance of the sun, which makes it a natural venue for a northern fire art event. RiverLights is a community art event. Sculptures and performances are made by artists, art students, schools and other communities.

Price: Free of charge for both participants and accompanying persons. Advance registration is required.

ASAD Evening Programme
Saturday 10 November

Details to be confirmed.

Price: Free of charge for ASAD Network members, separate fee for accompanying persons (85€). Advance registration is required. Please note that the ASAD meeting is intended only for members of the ASAD network and delegates in the disciplines of art and design.

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