Truths and Tales - Gender and Cultural studies conference
November 28-30, 2013 University of Lapland, Rovaniemi, Finland

University of Lapland is hosting the national gender studies and cultural studies conferences 2013. The conferences are organized jointly, as a three day event, with a theme Truths and Tales.

The conference discusses the uses and politics of knowledge. It also asks what are the alternative ways of knowing.The keynote speakers of the conference are: Terry Eagleton, Diana Mulinari, Stephanie Lawler, Tiina Rosenberg and Tuija Saresma.

Detailed information about the program, keynote speakers, workshops and registration are availabe in:


The main organizers of the conference are the Unit for Gender Studies and the researchers of cultural studies in the University of Lapland in collaboration with the Association for Women's Studies in Finland and the Society for Cultural Studies in Finland



Registration should be done no later than 8.11.2013.

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