Stephanie Lawler
Newcastle University

Dr Steph Lawler is a Reader in Sociology at Newcastle University, UK. Her work is concerned with matters of identity and inequality, and with the relationship between the two. She has been especially concerned with the ways in which questions about identity underwrite a number of contemporary troubling issues, such as belonging, authenticity and value. She has written widely on these subjects, including in her books Mothering the Self: Mothers, Daughters, Subjects (Routledge, 2000), and Identity: Sociological Perspectives (Polity, 2008; 2nd edition 2013)

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Diana Mulinari

Lund University

Diana Mulinari is a sociologist, professor of Gender Studies at the University of Lund (Sweden). Her scholarship aims at developing feminist theory and methodology as a critical tool to explore (and transform) the social. Among her recent publications see: Complying with Colonialism(Keskinen S., S. Irni ,S. Touri and D. Mulinari 2009). Gender, Race and Ethnicity in the Nordic Regio.( London: Ashgate. Mulinari D 2012) Birth work. Suffering rituals in late modernity. A case study from a birth clinic. (ed. Lisa Käll). Dimensions of Pain. Humanities and Social Science Perspectives. (Routledge. New York and London Mulinari, D and A Neergaard 2012) Violence, racism and the political arena : a Scandinavian Dilemma. (NORA. Journal of Feminist and Gender Research. Vol. 20, 1: 12-18).

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Terry Eagleton
University of Lancaster

Terry Eagleton was educated at Cambridge University and was for some years Thomas Warton Professor of English Literature at the University of Oxford. He is currently Distinguished Visiting Professor at the universities of Lancaster and Notre Dame, and Fellow of the British Academy. He is the author of over forty books, as well as of a novel, a screenplay and a number of plays produced in Ireland and London. He lives in Dublin.

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Tuija Saresma

University of Jyväskylä

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Tiina Rosenberg

University of Arts in Helsinki

Tiina Rosenberg is the rector at the University of the Arts Helsinki from 2013 until 2017. She is on a leave of absence from her professorship at the University of Stockholm. She has previously worked as a professor of gender studies, director of studies, and department head at the universities of Stockholm and Lund.

Dr. Rosenberg’s research has focused on feminist theatre, performance studies, feminist theories, gender and sexuality, and critical theory. She is also an active contributor to social debates. She has published monographs and articles in academic publications and anthologies.

Her most recent book is Ilska, hopp och solidaritet: Med feministisk scenkonst in i framtiden (2012), which discusses feminist performance art in Sweden.
Rosenberg’s other works are En regissörs estetik: Ludvig Josephson och den tidiga teaterregin (1993), Byxbegär (2000), Queerfeministisk Agenda (2002), Besvärliga människor: Teatersamtal med Suzanne Osten (2004), Könet brinner! Judith Butlers texter i urval (2005), Ogjort genus (2006), L-ordet: Vart tog alla lesbiska vägen? (2006), and Bögarnas Zarah: diva, ikon, kult (2009). She also co-wrote Teater i Sverige (2004) with Lena Hammargren, Karin Helander, and Willmar Sauter. 

Tiina Rosenberg’s abstract:
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