PhD course: TUKO1216 Discussing Gender, Class and Identity (2-3 ECTS cr.)
University of Lapland, Finland
27.11.2013, 9-15, seminar room 5

Unit for Gender Studies and Graduate School, University of Lapland, are organizing a PhD course “Discussing Gender, Class and Identity” (2-3 ECTS cr.). The course will take place in University of Lapland, November 27, 2013. The course is open for PhD students and researchers in gender studies and cultural studies in Finland.

Dr. Stephanie Lawler, Newcastle University
Professor Suvi Ronkainen, University of Lapland

The course is organized as a workshop. Maximum number of participants is 16.
Participants can take part by presenting their research paper (maximum 8 participants) or by presenting a short description of their research (maximum 8 participants). The length of the research papers should not exceed 6 000 words. The submission deadline for research papers and short descriptions is November 1, 2013

All participants are required to read assigned texts (articles) and actively attend the workshop. Participants presenting their research papers are eligible for 3 ECTS credits. Participants presenting their research without a paper are eligible for 2 ECTS credits by writing a reflective essay (8 pages) on the basis of course reading and the workshop.

The application period for the course is now open!

The deadline for applications is September 30, 2013.
Applicants should send an abstract of their research to Heidi Sinevaara-Niskanen, Please also inform whether you wish to participate the course by presenting a research paper or by presenting a short description of your research. Priority is given, first, for PhD students and, second, for applicants from University of Lapland.

Decisions on acceptance are made by October 7, 2013. All applicants are informed about the decisions.
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