General Information

The conference is held at the University of Lapland, Rovaniemi, Finland. University of Lapland is the northernmost university in Finland and in the European Union. The meeting venue is located about two kilometers from the city centre and 20-30 min walk from hotels.

Bus transportation will be organized daily between the hotels and the university to the first session in the morning and to the hotels after the last session in the afternoon. Otherwise, local bus No 4 drives between city centre and university with 30 min to 1 hour intervals.

The city of Rovaniemi is the vibrant capital of Lapland. Rovaniemi, called the Gate of Lapland, is located at the northern Arctic in the northernmost part of Finland, at the Arctic Circle. With a land area of 8016 km2 it is Finland’s and Europe’s largest town, with a population of over 60,000. This small but modern city offers a unique combination of urban services and the beautiful natural environment of Lapland, and is located at the junction of the Kemijoki and Ounasjoki rivers. It is a university city, the commercial centre for the area and a city of sport and culture. Four different seasons are strongly present in the peoples’ day life and they give a rhythm for living and activities.

Interpretation (Russia/English) will be provided in plenary sessions and in part of the parallel session. Other parts of the programme will be in English only.

How to get there
Rovaniemi is easily reached by air and train. The city is about 700 km north from Helsinki, the capital of Finland. There are frequent international flights to Helsinki, and internal flights from Helsinki to Rovaniemi. The latter takes about one hour, with several flights every day.

The train journey from Helsinki to Rovaniemi takes about 10 hours and is a good alternative if there is time to spare as this offers a good opportunity to see more of Finland.

All major car rentals have an office in Rovaniemi for those who are interested in travelling around the surrounding areas and Lapland by themselves.

Please check flights, trains and timetables from the Useful links below.

How to get from the airport to the hotels
Airport Express – bus from Airport to the city centre and back – drives to all the centre hotels as well as bus station, ca. 15 minutes, price 7 € / person. Airport Express departs from the airport after every flight arrival. Check your hotel reception about the pickup time from your hotel back to the airport. For further information call +358 (0)16 – 362 222.

Airport Taxi: Cars available at the airport when flights arrive. Airport Taxi transports in the city area and surroundings. Price 10-12 € / person, takes more than one customer at the same time (car pool). For further information call +358 (0)16 – 362 222.

Normal Taxi: Price from the airport to the city centre ca. 20 €

The railway station is located about 1,5 kilometres from the city centre. There is no direct bus connection. The easiest way to get to the hotel is to either walk or to take a taxi.

Time and weather
Finland’s time zone is GMT + 2 hours (daylight saving time, GMT +3).

Check the local weather. 

Useful links

Bus schedules

Your window to Finland
Lapland Finland
Welcome to Rovaniemi
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