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Theme 1: Health Problems in an Aging Society with a Harsh Winter Climate CANCELLED
Theme Convener:
Professor Akiko Tamakoshi, Hokkaido University
Service Design Facilitator:
PhD Student Essi Kuure, University of Lapland
Theme 2: Designing ethical tourism in the Arctic
Theme Convener:
Senior Lecturer José-Carlos García-Rosell, University of Lapland
Service Design Facilitator:
PhD Student Tarja Salmela, University of Lapland
Theme 3: Service Design Methods in Designing Digital Healthcare Concepts
Theme Convener:
Researcher Tanja Sauvola, University of Oulu
Service Design Facilitators:
Designer Hanna-Riina Vuontisjärvi, University of Lapland
Researcher Piia Rytilahti, Univeristy of Lapland
Theme 4: Community Design through Tourism
– Challenges of Community Based Heritage and Tourism Manageme
Theme Conveners: Professor Noriaki Nishiyama, Hokkaido University
Associate Professor Kiho Yaoita, Hokkaido University
Service Design Facilitators:
PhD Student Rainer Kettunen, University of Lapland
PhD Student Reetta Maila, University of Lapland/Aalto University
Theme 5: Designing and Planning the Built Environment for Human Wellbeing
– Challenges of Shrinkage and Growth in the Northern Regions

Theme Conveners:

Professor Takeo Ozawa, Hokkaido University
Professor Taro Mori, Hokkaido University
Professor Helka-Liisa Hentilä, University of Oulu
Researcher Atsushi Takano, Aalto University

Service Design Facilitator:
PhD Student Daria Akimenko, University of Lapland
Theme 6: Architecture and Home Healthcare in Northern Regions
Theme Conveners:
Associate Professor Masaya Saito, Sapporo City University
Professor Kazuyo K. Sooudi, Sapporo City Unversity
Service Design Facilitator: PhD Student Merja Briñon, University of Lapland










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