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Optional Programme

Optional tour: Canoe trip on the wilderness lake

Monday 15 June, at 14:00 – 17:00

Would you like to learn how to canoe in the midst of a scenic Lappish landscape? Book the canoeing trip to Hangasjärvi. The trip starts from Sallatunturin Tuvat on Monday at 14:00 with a transfer to the Reindeer Park, where you will be provided with floatation jackets, water-tight bags for accessories, rainwear and waterproof shoes, if necessary. After the introduction at the Reindeer Park, you will drive from the Reindeer Park to the parking area of Hangasjärvi (5 miles).

At Hangasjärvi you will launch the canoes already waiting for you on the shore. The guide will help you to embark in the canoes in pairs and show you how to paddle. Then you can enjoy the scenic landscape. After paddling two kilometres, we will make a campfire to enjoy coffee or tea and sausages prepared over open fire. The guide carries a supply of safety gear: a rescue rope, rescue vest (which keeps afloat one other person besides the guide himself), a first aid kit, spare clothes and a mobile phone.

Price: 52 €/ person
Duration: 3 hours
Min/max: 4/16 persons
Recommended: for adults with reasonable walking ability. No previous canoeing is necessary.
Booking: add your booking in the event online registration form and pay for them together with
your registration fee.


Other visit options in Salla

Revontuli Spa
Rate: 14 € /person (payment directly to the Spa)
Open: Tue - Sat 14:00 – 20:00
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Salla Museum of War and Reconstruction
Rate: 5 € /person (payment directly to the museum)
Open: Tue – Sat 10:00 – 17:00
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Salla Reindeer Park
Open: every day 10:00 – 17:00
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Combine your conference participation with a local cultural event!

The Midnight Sun Film Festival will in 2015 be held in Sodankylä on 10 June - 14 June 2015.
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