Staff registration

The fifth Conferment Ceremony will start on Friday 17 May 2019 at 10:00 at the Lappia Hall. Audience must be seated by 9:50. Due to the limited space of the Lappia Hall, only those university staff members who have a role in the ceremony will be able to attend. 

Other staff members are invited to follow the ceremony via livestream in the Esko and Asko Hall.

All staff members with a role in the ceremony must register for the event in advance. The deadline for staff registration is 17.4.2019. 


There is no registration fee for the conferment ceremony at the Lappia Hall. Staff members pay only for the evening events with a separate registration fee.

The evening event dinner prices are indicated on the registration form. Everyone participating in the evening events should select Invoice as payment method. Rovaniemi-Lapland Congresses will send invoices to the participants who pay for the evening events.

1) Conferrer of degrees (invoice to the faculty)
2) Host/hostess of honorary doctor (invoice to the faculty)
3) Staff members at the Conferment Celebratory Procession
- Rector (organizer, no fees)
- Vice rectors (organizer, no fees)
- Director of Administration (organizer, no fees)
- Deans (invoice to the faculty)
- Professors (self-paid)
- Adjunct professors (self-paid)
- Heads of units (self-paid)
4) Organizers (marshals, the organizing committee, staff members with a role in the ceremony etc. – no fees)