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Indigenous Youth of Alaska and 3D Printing Technology

by Susan Waruingi "Nothing is impossible with a little ingenuity," says Nelressa Faye, a Kotlik school educator, new to Alaska, US. Faye shares a game changing experience to the students of Kotlik after they interacted with 3D printing technology for the first time with Facilities Manager, Kim Riggs from the University of Alaska.Happy and motivated pupils after a 3D Printing lessonThe Yupik tribe

Internship at the University of Lapland

My name is Titta Myllyniemi and I have been working as an intern at the University of Lapland for the past three months, from March till June 2021. I have been working with the two networks the University of Lapland is leading: the UArctic Network on Teacher Education focusing on Arctic issues as well as global UNESCO/UNITWIN Network. My study field is Intercultural Teacher Education, with focus

Children’s Play in Pandemic Times

Written by Anne Burke, Memorial University One of the most striking aspects of childhood in the modern age is the growing trend towards children spending the vast majority of their time indoors. Although the health benefits of outdoor play are well known, the reality of busy parents who rely on schools and after-schools for care is keeping children indoors for most of their days, a trend called

Indigenous Pedagogy in Teacher Education (IPED) Rovaniemi Workshop Handled Practical Questions and Research Needs in Saami Education

Written by Pigga Keskitalo, University of Lapland, Faculty of Education Árran – The Achievements, Advancement and Recognition of Saami Education two-day workshop was held 15–16 April 2021 online and hosted by the University of Lapland. It gathered over 130 registered participants, which tells us that Saami education is a topic that interests many internationally and in Pan-Saami areas. More and

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