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Children’s Play in Pandemic Times

Written by Anne Burke, Memorial University One of the most striking aspects of childhood in the modern age is the growing trend towards children spending the vast majority of their time indoors. Although the health benefits of outdoor play are well known, the reality of busy parents who rely on schools and after-schools for care is keeping children indoors for most of their days, a trend called

Indigenous Pedagogy in Teacher Education (IPED) Rovaniemi Workshop Handled Practical Questions and Research Needs in Saami Education

Written by Pigga Keskitalo, University of Lapland, Faculty of Education Árran – The Achievements, Advancement and Recognition of Saami Education two-day workshop was held 15–16 April 2021 online and hosted by the University of Lapland. It gathered over 130 registered participants, which tells us that Saami education is a topic that interests many internationally and in Pan-Saami areas. More and

Comparing the curricula of five teacher education programmes

Written by Maija Simonen.In 1998, 49 European countries agreed to create a 3-year cycle higher education system with uniform qualifications, which they called the Bologna Process. The purpose of the Bologna Process is to create a European higher education area, and standards and guidelines have been created to ensure that higher education is equal in all European countries (European University

Sámi in the Norwegian curricula – a way in through the novel In between worlds

Written by: Anne-Mette Bjøru – The Arctic University of Norway, Alta (anne.m.bjoru@uit.no) The aim of this blogIs twofold: to show some aspects of the Norwegian system of Education concerning Sámi, and to share a good reading experience which some of you might find interesting. I think the novel presented here is useful as classroom material, but it is a great read also for those who do not

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