Teacher Education for Social Justice and Diversity
Blog: Teacher Education for Social Justice and Diversity

My internship experience at UNESCO/UNITWIN Network and UArctic Thematic Network on Teacher Education

I’m Sara Ihamäki and I was an intern at University of Lapland for three months from September to December 2020. I worked with both Teacher Education networks: the UArctic Thematic Network and UNESCO/UNITWIN Network. I’m Political Science Master student and I applied for the internship because I’m interested in educational issues and developments, and also project work.  During my internship I got

Challenges in immigrant education and integration

“Mummy, I’m not made of chocolate”, said my indignant firstborn 25 years ago. We had been called to his kindergarten to pick him up early as ‘something’ had happened. The something was that the kids had been licking him thinking he was made of chocolate! He stood there with a disgusted expression on his face with arms outstretched while the personnel explained what had happened. Our son sat in

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