Hello contact person!
Q&A: How do we work?
How to start cooperation with another researcher?
Roles of coordinator and contact person
How to share information about the network and its activities?
  • Circulate information about network events on your university's website
  • Students are often very interested in joining international activities - invite yours to take part!
  • Print network posters, roll-ups and flyers from the 'new members' page and distribute them around your university.
  • Disseminate network activities through your university's, faculty's or department's social media channels.
  • Use your university's intranet to post information about network activities.
  • Share network information in your staff meetings.
  • Add information about your network membership to your researcher profile.
  • Write about the network on your university's, faculty's or department's blog.
  • Take advantage of your university's, faculty's or department's newsletter to share information.
Network visual identity: Print materials and templates