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Reconsidering Peripheries and Centers

The relationship between peripheries and centers can be understood in many ways. We may speak of geographical frontiers and population centers as readily as we refer to society’s margins and central authority, or as easily as we talk of a culture’s dynamic underground and stagnant canon. An equally salient perspective is to look at the relationship in terms of concentration and dispersal or unification and differentiation. Globalization compels us to challenge the basic dichotomy, and we may well see center and periphery change places in carnevalistic fashion. Research on Russia and East Europe must acknowledge the dramatic relationship between peripheries and centers in that region; the intensity of that relationship is manifest in the historical changes and political upheavals that have taken place in Russia.

The VI Symposium for Russian and East European Studies, VIEPÄ 2006, offers a forum for examining issues of periphery and center in multidisciplinary perspective. Among the topics to be explored at the conference are the Northern Dimension, the relationship between Russia and Europe, internal peripheries in Russia, and the semiotic systems of networking and culture.

Welcome to VIEPÄ 2006!


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