Members of the The Westermarck Society (Finnish Sociological Association) and the Finnish Political Science Association, and fulltime students of sociology and political science can participate in the conferences without registration or conference fee. For other participants the conference fee is 100  € and you should register by sending a message, including your personal details, to the conference secretary Antti Pakkanen: antti.pakkanen(at)

Evening party and buffet dinner

The evening party of The Westermarck Society’s sociology conference will be held at club Tivoli on Friday 28.3.2008 starting at 8 pm. All participants of the conference are cordially invited. There is also a possibility of having a buffet dinner (15 €/person) at Tivoli. If you wish to eat at the buffet, please inform the conference secretary when you are registering for the conference and pay the 15 € along with the conference fee.

Travel arrangements and accommodation

As March is high-season for tourism in Lapland, please be sure to book your flights and hotel early enough!

You can reach Rovaniemi conveniently by air, train or bus. Flying or taking an overnight train is recommended for international participants, as the distance from Helsinki to Rovaniemi is 834 kilometres. Flights from Helsinki are operated by Finnair and Blue1.

An Airport taxi service operates from the Rovaniemi Airport to the city and major hotels. The price of the Airport taxi is 5 € to the hotels and 9 € to other addresses in the city. On departure you can book the Airport taxi by calling the following number on the day before you leave +358-16-362 222.

The conference hotels are located at Rovaniemi city centre, appr. 3 kilometres from the University of Lapland campus area. There is a reservation for conference participants at the following hotels. Please contact the hotel, or inform the conference secretary of the hotel you wish to stay at. The reservations and these prices are valid until 8.2 to 1.3. depending on the hotel.

To order a cab in Rovaniemi, call +358-16-106410


Hotelli Aakenus
+358(0)16 342 2051
Reservation code "Sosiologipäivät"
Reservation valid untill 27.2.2008  58 € /person/night  29 € /person/night

City Hotel
+358 (0)16 3300111
Reservation code
"Sosiologi ja politiikan tutkimuksen päivät"
Reservation valid untill 1.3.2008   76€/ room/night   90€/ room/night

Cumulus Rovaniemi
+358(0)16 333 600
Reservation code
"Sosiologi ja politiikan tutkimuksen päivät"
Reservation valid untill 27.2.2008  69€/ room/night   74€/ room/night

Rantasipi Pohjanhovi
+358(0)16 33 711
Reservation code
"Sosiologi ja politiikan tutkimuksen päivät"
Reservation valid untill 15.2.2008  76€/room/night   81€/room/night

Clarion Hotel Santa Claus
+358(0)16321 321
Reservation code
"Sosiologi ja politiikan tutkimuksen päivät"
Reservation valid untill 15.2.2008  93€/room/night   129€/room/night

 Sokos hotel Vaakuna Rovaniemi
+358 (0)20 1234 695
Reservation code "11333"
Reservation valid untill 8.2.2008  88€/room/night   116€/room/night

Breakfast is included in the price of all the above hotels.

You can also check for available accomodation from the following bed & breakfast / hostels:

Matkustajakoti Outa

Guesthouse Borealis

Hostel Rudolf


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