Supporting the Strengthening of State Administrations using ICT Tools: CMI’s Governance out of a Box Liberia Project
Country Coordinator Gama Roberts, CMI

Liberia, West Africa, is a country of about 3.4 Million people.  After 14 years of civil war, the country is in a reconstruction and development period, under the leadership of the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Administration.

There are many priority needs in a country recovering from crisis.  It is important to prioritize development objectives and strengthen the State’s ability to meet the needs of its citizens in order to avoid re-emergence of conflict. 

In Liberia, state capacity to manage the reconstruction and recovery challenge still requires strengthening and is critical to ensure that the country stays in the path to development. CMI and its technology partner Nokia, work with the Ministry of Health to introduce a mobile technological solution to reintroduce birth registration and provide more efficiency to the process. This project is part of a larger programme which provides analytical and practical tools for state administrations in countries recovering from crisis to acquire technological solutions which support the overall reconstruction effort in a sustainable manner.

Gama B. Roberts 

As CMI Country Coordinator in Liberia, Gama B. Roberts coordinates the Governance out of a Box initiative which aims to identify tools for the effective implementation of priority functions of state administration in post-conflict countries. He will coordinate and monitor all of CMI’s projects in Liberia in coordination with a variety of stakeholders, ranging from NGOs to corporations and the public sector.

Before joining CMI as Country Coordinator for Liberia, Mr. Gama Roberts consulted for the Liberian Government since October of 2006. He has worked with the Liberian Reconstruction and Development Committee (LRDC) in the Office of the President serving as a lead for the coordination with government ministries and donors on planned projects and programs as detailed in the country’s PRS. He has also lead the working group in the development of the monitoring and reporting framework for Liberia’s PRS.

Mr. Roberts has worked in the U.S., most recently as a process improvement engineer with a Fortune 500 firm, before returning to Liberia in 2006. He holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration and an undergraduate degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Mercer University (Georgia, USA). Mr. Roberts is an alumnus of the Macon, Georgia Chamber of Commerce Leadership Class and is also a member of the Rotary Club of Monrovia, Liberia.

 Gama B. Roberts