Opening Remarks: State Building and Preventing the Reoccurence of the Conflict
Project Manager Hannu Kotipelto, CMI

In a post-conflict situation, a government needs to be able to show the benefits of peace in order to strengthen fragile peace and to prevent reocurrence of a conflict. Supporting the reestablishment of key government functions, such as basic service delivery, is one method in statebuilding. This effort can be greatly facilitated with providing ICT solutions and tools in cooperation with private sector enterprises to a fragile state governance struggling with lack of resources.

Hannu Kotipelto

Hannu Kotipelto works as Project Manager in the Governance out of a Box -initiative. He is responsible for managing and implementing the Liberia project of the initiative where CMI is supporting establishment of birth and death registration in Liberia with ICT-tools. He also contributes to the development of CMI’s conceptual framework for post-war state building with focus aiming to strengthen the capabilities of local governance.

His areas of expertise are comprehensive crisis management and civil-military co-operation as well civilian crisis management. He is specialized on developing both conceptual and technological tools for web-based information sharing in crisis management.

Before joining CMI, Hannu Kotipelto has worked for Crisis Management Centre Finland and for the Ministry of the Interior. Subsequently, he has worked as peacekeeper in Kosovo (KFOR) in 1999-2000 and in Eritrea (UNMEE) in 2003. Hannu Kotipelto holds a Master’s degree in International Relations from the University of Tampere and is currently expanding his knowledge in the field of development studies.


Hannu Kotipelto