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Sámi Society Matters


“The Sami have their own concept of time and place, their own relationship to nature, their own rules for how nature is used, traditional livelihoods and rights of usufruct since time immemorial. They also have their own domains that shape linguistic behaviour and systems of knowledge and concepts based on traditions.” – Elina Helander-Renvall

Sámi Society Matters celebrates Elina Helander-Renvall's work. Elina Helander-Renvall is a long-standing Sami intellectual who has had a significant career in developing Sami research and, indeed, as a pioneer in that effort. She has created the Sami episteme by studying Sami culture and society on its own terms, from its own standpoints and for its own sake. By analysing the internal logic and dynamic of Sami society and culture, Dr Helander-Renvall has made visible how Sami society functions and lives today and how it has done so in the past.


Table of contents:

Sanna Valkonen & Jarno Valkonen

Part I
Sami Subsistence Activities—Spatial Aspects and Structuration
Traditional Ecological Knowledge, Snow and Sámi Reindeer Herding
Beyond the Pale: Locating Sea Sami Women Outside the Official Fisheries Discourse in Northern Norway

Part II
Animism, Personhood and the Nature of Reality: Sami Perspectives
Relationships Between Sámi Reindeer Herders, Lands, and Reindeer

Part III
Globalization and Traditional Livelihoods
On Customary Law Among the Saami People

Part IV
Reflections on Indigenous Research—Towards a New Paradigm
Knowing/Knowledge from The Sami Society: An Interview with Elina Helander-Renvall
Jarno Valkonen

Selected publications of Elina Helander/Helander-Renvall, 1984–2015