Getting around

Train- and bus stations are both located near the town centre, within walking distance. The airport is situated about 10 kilometres from the town centre. There is a bus connection to the centre operated by the Airport express bus. The bus leaves from the airport immediately after the flight arrival and drives to the bus station, stopping in front of hotels in the town centre. Information about schedules can be viewed here

In front of the airport, there is also a taxi stand where taxis are on call during the scheduled arrival times. It is also possible to pre-book a taxi before arriving at the airport, though the price may be more expensive if booking in advance. More information about taxi services in Rovaniemi can be seen through the links beside.

Rovaniemi is a relatively small town, and many places are attainable by foot or bicycle. The University is located in several places but the main campus is easy to reach from the town centre and its proximity. The University’s Arctic Centre, the unit of Education and Development Services as well as the Teacher Training School lie outside the main campus area but are conveniently located in the town centre or its immediate environs.

Local buses operate to the University from the town centre or from further away. The bus stop in the town centre is on Ruokasenkatu, near the corner of Valtakatu and the taxi station. In the University area, the bus stop is near the main entrance of the University main building. You can find information about local bus routeshere. If you want to enjoy the great outdoors and nice scenery on your way to the University, you’ll be delighted to know that it takes only about 15–20 minutes to reach the University from the town centre by foot; the distance is only about 2 kilometres There is a pedestrian and bicycle way all the way down.

Because Rovaniemi is a fairly small town and distances between places are fairly short, a bicycle is a great option for getting around the town. It’s easy to purchase a bicycle, as several shops, supermarkets, and second-hand shops sell them. There are many sports shops (e.g. City Sport, Sportia, Intersport, Stadium) that sell bikes and also the biggest supermarkets (Prisma, Citymarket) have quite large selections of bicycles. Used bikes can usually be found e.g. in the Mountain Bike Center and the second-hand shop Tuhat-Tori. The Mountain Bike Center is located in Ruokasenkatu 10 and Tuhat-Tori can be found in Harrikatu 2.

Sometimes it is possible to find cheap bicycles from auctions held by the police. You can ask for more information at the local police office.

Public transport

Most of the local buses operate regularly every hour. During morning rush hours and in the late afternoon they operate every 30 minutes. There are possibly fewer departures on weekends.

More information about public transport and bus schedules in the Rovaniemi area can be easily found via this link. Local public transport timetables are also available at the bus station and in local buses.

A local traffic trip planner for Rovaniemi gives suggested routes and offers advice on public transport connections in the town area. A map of bus routes can be found here.

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