Travelling to Rovaniemi

Travelling by plane is the fastest way to reach Rovaniemi. Airline companies Finnair and Norwegian operate between the capital city Helsinki and Rovaniemi daily. The flight takes approximately one hour and fifteen minutes. Availability, prices, and other basic information can be found on the airline companies’ websites.

Another alternative is to travel by train. VR, the national railway company, operates several trains a day. VR also offers a night train option between Helsinki and Rovaniemi. Sleeping-cars ensure that passengers have comfortable overnight journeys. Duration of the train trip varies from nine hours up to thirteen hours. In case that you want to have your car with you, there are car-carrier trains travelling on the network. Schedules and time timetables for trains is on their website.

It is also possible to travel to Rovaniemi by long-distance buses. The shortest bus journey from Helsinki to Rovaniemi lasts approximately 13.5 hours and the longest 17.5 hours. Matters concerning bus timetables can be obtained through this link.

Arriving to Rovaniemi is also possible by your own car. The E4 highway leads directly from Helsinki to Rovaniemi. The distance between is about 800 kilometres and it takes 10–12 hours to drive to Rovaniemi.

In Finland, the traffic is right-handed; overtaking is allowed only on the left. The traffic is fluent and driving is not too difficult. It is anyhow essential to take into consideration that weather conditions in winter might be challenging and even hazardous. When driving, it is also very important to pay attention to potential elks and reindeer which may wander on or even come running from the forest to the road especially at dusk.

According to Finnish legislation, it is mandatory to use winter tyres between 1 December and 28 February. Also headlights must be used whenever driving. It is also recommended to have an engine block heater in the car because of cold temperature in winter. Having a personal parking place will be necessary because it is not allowed to park cars anywhere except in designated parking places.

Please notice that there are some restrictions concerning foreign driving licenses and not all foreign licenses are valid in Finland. In some cases, some foreign driving licenses can be replaced by a Finnish driving license or you may be issued a temporary license. For more information concerning driving license permits, please see the Finnish Police’s website.

Please visit the websites of The Finnish Transport Agency, Automobile and Touring Club and Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi to get more useful information about motoring in Finland. You can find useful information pertaining to e.g. insurances on the website of the Finnish Motor Insurers Centre.

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