It is fairly easy to find out ways how to spend your free time in Rovaniemi. There are numerous hobbies and activities available in the Rovaniemi area. You can choose from outdoor or indoor activities, cultural events, organised courses (e.g. cooking, dancing), sports, library, swimming hall, and so on. There is something for everyone.

Nature is omnipresent in Rovaniemi as the town is surrounded by beautiful hills and lush forests, and the riverside is frequented by runners and Nordic walkers in summer and autumn – and skiers in winter and spring. There are several types of organised nature experiences as well if you don’t want to go independently. There is also a considerable amount of cultural activities in Rovaniemi: the theatre, the cinema, the museums, concerts and exhibitions, the shopping centres, and various events make sure that there is something to every day.

Please visit the international page of Rovaniemi and the events calendar of the Rovaniemi Tourism Marketing Ltd to read more information; you can also submit questions there.

The Rovala-opisto institution organises different kinds of courses – such as woodworking, language, and cooking courses – though the language of instruction is mainly Finnish. If you are sports enthusiast, please see at least the following links to find out more about sports activities in Rovaniemi: Kunnon Paikka; Santa Sport; Lapin Liikunta.

Rovaniemi is a great place to raise a family, as it has a lot to offer for children and families. Many children take part in scouting which has been very popular in Finland over the years. A bit different way to spend your free time is the Circus School. Ice hockey, football, and skiing are also popular among Finnish children. Most sports activities are organised by different kinds of clubs or associations. It is also possible for children’s parents to get more involved in children’s hobbies by networking with other parents or by volunteering. You can contact these clubs and associations directly if you’re interested in having more information. Other possibilities are e.g. the music play school, dancing, and fine arts school for children. There is a lot to choose from.

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