Health and well-being

The employer is responsible for occupational safety and health measures at the workplace. The employees of the University are entitled to free GP-level (general practitioner) healthcare regarding occupational safety and health at the health care service company Terveystalo. The address of the local Terveystalo is Koskikatu 27 B; - it is on the 5th floor in the shopping centre Revontuli. Please use the corridor/elevator A. If you need individual customer service or want to reserve an appointment, call to 030 6000. You may also go to their website to book an appointment. Please note that you need to have a Finnish identity number for online booking, though.

Researchers who have been awarded a grant or scholarship are not entitled to occupational health care provided by the University in which case you need to use the municipal health care, please read more information here. You also may use the services of Terveystalo but it is not included in your work benefits.

Please notice that if you have prescribed medicine you need to bring with you, obtain an explanation letter from your doctor and carry it with you or carry the prescription with you. Please take also into consideration that if you are using continuous medical treatment make sure that you are able to acquire the medicine in Finland as well. More information is available here.

The University offers sports vouchers to its staff. Full-time employees are allowed to get these subsidised vouchers. A current list of places where to use the vouchers can be found here. See also the page of University’s well-being services to students and staff.

University employees have also a possibility to use inexpensive massage services. Please see the reception hours and prices through this link.

There are cafeterias both in the main campus of the University and also in other campuses. It is possible to choose between warm meals, salads or snacks. A member of staff must have their personal electronic key with them to get discounts for meals. Some of the cafeterias also serve breakfast. Lunch menus are available here.

Employment benefits are mainly provided to University’s staff members. Consequently, grant and other scholarship receivers are not entitled to these benefits.

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