Support services

The Human Resources unit is responsible for ensuring employees' contracts of employments and salary issues. Staff training is also their responsibility. The Human Resources unit gives advice on annual leave and pension issues. If you have any questions concerning these matters, please do not hesitate to contact the personnel at the unit. It is also advisable to follow the intranet pages every now and then; useful information is available there.

When receiving international staff to the University of Lapland, the Internationalisation services is mainly responsible for supporting faculties and units concerning incoming staff matters. The staff of the Internationalisation services gives advice both to faculties/units and to incoming staff on unclear matters; the staff will instruct you to the right place from where to get help.

The Internationalisation services arranges an orientation week to new incoming students twice a year; in the beginning of the autumn semester in September and in the beginning of the spring semester in January (the timetable for the academic year can be seen via this link and the orientation schedule here). Although the orientation week is mainly planned considering international students, it is recommendable to take part in the orientation week; it provides important and useful information to staff members as well. By attending the orientation week you will get a chance to meet students from our University and also exchange students who might be interested in your teaching and lectures.

The University is committed to giving its international students first hand experiences of life in Lapland. The International Relations Office coordinates The Finnish Friend Programme for international students but international staff members are welcome to join as well; the personnel of the Internationalisation services will do their best to find a suitable friend for international staff members. The Finnish Friend Programme starts twice a year; at the beginning of every autumn and spring semester. However, the international staff members may apply for the programme throughout the year.

The Programme not only offers an opportunity to experience everyday Finnish life and culture, but also helps incomers to adapt to their new surroundings by getting to know Finns. There are a number of people and families in the Rovaniemi region who are interested in meeting international people in an informal way. The idea of the programme is to introduce Finland, Lapland, and Finnish culture – and vice versa. The programme naturally gives you the opportunity to tell about your culture and perhaps find make some interesting cultural insights together with your Finnish friends.

If you are interested in joining the Finnish Friend Programme, please contact the Advisor by e-mail (incoming(at)ulapland.fi).

The Library is open to all library users and it is the information centre for the northernmost university in Finland. The extensive collection includes materials for all faculties and fields represented at the University. You will be issued a library card upon presentation of adequate personal identification. Borrowers are responsible for all materials borrowed on their cards.

The ICT service desk helps the University staff in the main campus in all matters pertaining to the use of ICT. You can also contact the help desk by e-mail (servicedesk(at)ulapland.fi) or by phone (extension 4333, mobile 040 4844 333). On other campuses, in e.g. the Arctic Centre and the Multidimensional Tourism Institute (MTI) there is an ICT-support person who will help you if encounter problems. The ICT personnel of the MTI should primarily be contacted by calling to 020 7985 800 or sending an e-mail - servicedesk(at)redu.fi
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