Training for Staff

Staff Training is the responsibility of the Human Resources. Staff members may participate in training arranged by other organisations as well, provided that participation is agreed upon with their supervisors. Information concerning staff training can be seen in the intranet pages.

Most Finns speak at least sufficient English so you will do nicely in Finland using just English. However, it is always useful and interesting to learn a new language and once you master basic Finnish you will manage better in the workplace and also elsewhere. The University of Lapland organises Finnish training for personnel. Moreover, there is a variety of Finnish studies for students – from courses to beginners to minor studies. Staff members are welcome to join these courses free of charge – remember to consult the teacher beforehand, though, whether there are enough seats. You can also study other languages on courses arranged by the Language Centre or offered specifically to staff. Please see upcoming staff training courses in the intranet.

E-LOCAL (Electronically Learning Other Cultures and Languages) is a collection of online language courses that offer you the possibility to learn some of the less widely known languages in Europe and to learn about cultures, too. You can study Dutch, Finnish, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, and Portuguese independently in the E-LOCAL learning environment. The support language for learning is English.

The E-LOCAL courses are a great tool for you, if you are planning to
• travel abroad to study, work, or to have a holiday,
• broaden your knowledge about languages and cultures, or
• have fun learning!

The Language Centre, in collaboration with the Internationalisation services, organizes informal Café Lingua meetings for those interested in different languages and cultures. The idea is to bring together native speakers and people who study foreign languages or are otherwise interested in them. Café Lingua offers an opportunity to chit chat in different languages while enjoying a nice cup of coffee; you can develop your language and communication skills while having an informal, relaxed conversation.

All interested in languages and cultures – such as Finnish and international students, locals, tourists and tourism operators – are warmly welcome to join. There is only one rule in Café Lingua: please speak only in the language of that particular gathering you are attending. This way, all attendees have an equal opportunity to develop their language skills and learn.

The Café Lingua timetable can be seen online.

If you are interested in studying languages outside the University, please familiarise yourself with e.g. the offer of Rovala-opisto.

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