This section is intended to help you plan your time in Finland before you arrive. It consists of main things you need to take into consideration before your arrival. To ensure that your work at the University will start to run smoothly, please take care of filling in the necessary form and delivering it to the receiving unit/faculty beforehand.


Depending on the funding source, your receiving unit will send you either a contract of employment or contract on research visit or training. An employee of the University will receive a contract of employment to be signed, whereas a grant or scholarship receiver will obtain a contract on research visit or training. An invitation letter is possible to get on request. An invitation letter may be required when acquiring a visa and/or residence permit. If you do not have a contract of employment, an invitation letter is a proof of your employment in Finland.

The invitation letter will contain at least the following information:
- Name of the incomer and date of birth
- Passport number
- Duration of the stay
- Purpose of the stay
- Degree
- Work tasks and the project if applicable
- Information if the stay is part of a long-term project
- Faculty/unit and professor or project manager responsible for
- Funding source
- Duration of the trial period in the work contract if applicable 
    ◦ It does not have an effect on the duration of the first residence permit

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