Day care

The purpose of children’s day care in Finland is to support children's balanced growth, development and learning. All children under school age (under 7 years) are entitled to day care provided by the local authority. Municipal services enable children to receive day care, family day care, or group family day care. There are also private day cares centres. Private day care services provide alternative forms of care.

Please make sure to inquire about and apply for day care places well in advance before arriving to Rovaniemi; it may take several months to receive a day care place. Because the local birth-rate has been quite high lately, the availability might be challenging. For more information, please contact the social services unit in the Rovaniemi municipality. Their contact information can be seen here. It is also advisable to make enquiries to the local private day care centres: the Steiner School and the English playschool. The English playschool also offers day care services English.

Before starting the compulsory comprehensive school in the same year when turning seven years, children in the age of six can take part in optional pre-schooling which is provided in day care centres and comprehensive schools.
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