Going to school

In Finland, going to school is compulsory; all children living in Finland are entitled and required to attend comprehensive school. The aim of basic education is to support pupils’ growth as individuals and as members of the society and to teach necessary skills and knowledge. Children usually start comprehensive school in the same year when turning seven years. The scope of the basic education syllabus is nine years. After comprehensive school, studies generally continue either in upper secondary school or in vocational school. To read more about education in Finland, please visit the website of the Finnish National Board of Education.

The school year starts in August and lasts until the end of May or the beginning of June. In principle, the school district is determined by the location of your residence. The same “time regulations” when applying for a day care place also concern applications for school placements; parents are responsible for applying for the placements early enough.

To find out more about basic education in the municipality of Rovaniemi, please see the information on the international website.

In Rovaniemi, there is also a Steiner School which is a primary school where children can go to instead of a public comprehensive school. The school provides instruction, and it has a right to issue a certificate, and the students have the same possibilities for further studies than students in public comprehensive schools. If you are interested in situating your child in the Steiner School, please inquire about placements from the School.

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