The University has a few apartments of different sizes and also a couple of flats in the University guesthouse to rent to its incoming staff. If you are interested in these housing options, please ask someone in your faculty or unit for more details and to find out the current reservation situation.

If you cannot find a proper apartment through the University, we recommend you to start organising your housing matters immediately when your stay in the University has been confirmed. In Finland, accommodation can be found quite easily through the private market or housing companies but be aware of peak times at the beginning of each semester. Public housing notices can be found online or in newspapers or through agencies. In addition to public advertisements, many available apartments are often rented through social connections. If you are looking for an apartment, pass on the word to your colleagues and other acquaintances in the area.

In Finland, housing expenses are fairly high. There are many things that affect the amount of rent; in most cases the rent is determined by the location of the apartment as well as its size and condition. Electricity and water charges are usually not included in the rental agreement. A refrigerator and oven are included. As a rule, the apartments are rented unfurnished but it is not impossible to find a furnished apartment.

Be aware that when you are renting an apartment you are often required to pay a deposit that is equivalent to a rent of one or even two months’. The deposit is generally charged to ensure that the apartment will be kept in good condition and payments made as agreed. The deposit will be refunded to you in its entirety when your rental agreement ends and you are moving out – providing that the apartment has not been damaged during your stay.

Sometimes agencies offer only apartments for long time rental and insist on making a contract for a minimum of one year. Make sure you understand the terms of the contract you sign. It is always important to make a written contract when renting an apartment and to study carefully what is included in your contract and to ensure that all details in the contract are correct. Make sure that you receive a personal copy of the contract. The terms and conditions of rental contracts may vary strongly from those of your home country.

If you need more information concerning housing, get know to the Living section of the international website of Rovaniemi and the Expat Finland’s housing site. See also the website of the Student Union LYY; there is a page about rental apartments.

It is highly recommendable to acquire a home insurance for your apartment because, in case of an accident, your home insurance covers possible damages. In fact, some landlords/ladies insist that you have one. There are different kinds of insurances. To get the most suitable insurance, visit the insurance company. In accordance with Finnish legislation, every home has to be equipped with a smoke/fire alarm so make sure that your alarm is working. Any damage caused by fire is not covered by your home insurance if your smoke/fire alarm is out of order.

There are several insurance companies from where you can get a home insurance contract and most of them operate in Rovaniemi. Visit the local insurance companies and ask for more information about home insurances. At least the following companies offer private customer service in Rovaniemi: IF (Ainonkatu 2), Pohjola (Koskikatu 10), Turva (Rovakatu 24), LähiTapiola (Rovakatu 27) and Fennia (Rovakatu 20–22 B).

Buying a house is also possible but it usually requires having personal property and a mortgage. If you are interested in buying a house, please contact your bank to get more details.

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