Ensure in good time that you have all required documents. You may also have some documents that might seem irrelevant but we recommend taking them with you just in case; you never know if you need them. Please notice that it is important to take the original copies of your documents with you.

Please notice that documents issued abroad by a foreign authority must be legalised to have the intended legal effect in Finland. Legalisation can be conducted in two different ways depending on whether the country is a signatory to the Hague Convention. Documents from countries that have ratified the Hague Convention must be legalised according to the so-called Apostille Certificate. Documents from other countries must be legalised through the so-called Grand Legalisation procedure. Read more about legalisation from here and to find out more about Apostille, please see the brochure.

It is also advisable to be informed about authorised translations. Additionally, all documents that are established in other languages than Finnish, Swedish or English must be translated by officially certified translators.

It is good to take into consideration that while you are dealing with Finnish authorities it is recommended to keep your documents available. It is commonly provided in Finland that copies of important documents, such as documents that concern your work, need to be authenticated. Authentication means that you are required to show the original documents either to an official who can certify them or to two people, who can, after checking the originals, sign the copies to prove that the copies are authentic.
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