The employer is obliged to insure the workers against accidents at work and generally all employees are insured. University staff members have an accident insurance and employees are insured against injury occurred while working or injury caused by conditions arising from work. If the employee is on a business trip, business travel insurance is valid as soon as the travel proposal has been approved. The person must belong to the University staff. Therefore, this does not concern visiting staff. The insurance provided by the University is not absolutely comprehensive, as it does not cover leisure time or family members. It is highly recommended to get a personal medical insurance contract, for example.

Insurance coverage and occupational health care services are not included for grant or scholarship receivers and generally they need to take care of their own insurance coverage. It is recommended to obtain a good health insurance for yourself already from your home country. The Farmers' Social Insurance Institution Mela handles occupational accident insurance of those receiving a grant or a scholarship from Finland. The occupational accident insurance can also be complemented with leisure time accident insurance. Find further information by visiting Mela’s webpage.

One possible option for insurances is the Student Insurance Program (SIP) which is specifically designed for students and also for scientists, members of educational staff and accompanying family members. SIP has insurance cover especially for people staying abroad temporarily and it is valid worldwide.

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