General principles

The Finnish social security is provided by the Social Insurance Institution (KELA). The right to social security benefits is determined by the duration of the residence. People who move to Finland permanently are entitled to social security benefits. Your move is considered to be a permanent move if you have a permanent job or are working in Finland for at least two years. People who move to Finland on a temporary basis generally are not entitled to any social security benefits. When moving to Finland for a short, fixed time, it is not considered that you live in Finland permanently; however, you may be allowed to get some social security benefits on the basis of work.

Persons working in Finland temporarily may be partly covered by the Finnish social security system under certain circumstances. If your employment in Finland lasts for a minimum of four months and the terms of employment meet the conditions, foreign workers from all countries are entitled to health insurance and a personal KELA- card. A KELA- card is a proof of your entitlement to social security. In order to receive social security benefits, persons moving to Finland must register at the Social Insurance Institute Office and complete required applications. Please see more information concerning the conditions here.

In matters concerning health and social security, it is advisable to contact either In To Finland service or the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (KELA). In To Finland is a shared service point of The Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela) and the Tax Administration and the services are intended to foreign people coming to work to Finland. They offer help and guidance on social security –if you have any questions, please do not hesitate contact them. You can contact them by e-mail; the contact details can be seen here. In To Finland has also a service point in Helsinki where you can visit to get individual service. At the service point, it is also possible to obtain a Finnish personal identification number meant for foreigners who are coming to work in Finland for less than a year.

Also the webpage of the Employment and Economic Development Office contains useful information for foreign workers.
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