Posted workers and researchers

Posted workers from EU/EEA countries and Switzerland and also from other Nordic countries remain covered by the social security system of the country of origin and are not entitled to social security coverage in Finland. Workers that are posted to Finland must have an E101 or A1 certificate issued by the authority of the country of origin. Persons that have European Health Insurance Card issued by the competent authority of one’s home country have an access to necessary medical treatment.

See information concerning workers posted from a country with a social security agreement through the link above. Depending on the country of origin, a worker must have a certificate which proves his/her status as a posted worker.

Workers who are posted to Finland from other countries are treated the same way as any other persons moving to Finland for the purpose of employment.

Researchers and grant or scholarship receivers that are residing in Finland temporarily normally are not covered by the Finnish social security system. However, there are some occasions when they are entitled to Finnish social security benefits. To get more detailed information, please read about their rights at the link given above.
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