Notification of Change of Address

When you move to Finland from abroad, you must submit a notification of your move and change of address if you are residing in Finland for over three months. The notification must be conducted in good time (within seven days from the date of your move) to ensure that your mail is delivered to the correct address. You may notify a change of address to Posti and/or the Local Register Office.

You can notify about the change of address by filling in the form that can be collected from any Post Office or Local Register Office. You can also do it online. Please bear in mind that you need to have Finnish online banking access codes, or a Posti user ID, or an identity card with a chip issued by the police to be able to do it online.

More information concerning the notification of a change of address, please visit the page of Local Register Office.

The Local Register Office is located in Hallituskatu 5 C. The Local Post Office is located in the Shopping Centre Revontuli.
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