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EU/EEA citizens

If the stay in Finland exceeds three months, citizens of EU/EEA countries are required to register the right of residence. The registration must be done using the Enter Finland e-service and  before the end of three-month period. After submitting the application an appointment to the Finnish Immigration Service point, Ruokasenkatu 2, has to be booked. You will be issued a registration certificate that confirms your right of residence as an EU citizen. A valid passport and proof of employment are needed when registering. The webpage of the Finnish Immigration Service contains more specific information.

A foreigner, who is residing in Finland on a temporary basis, generally for less than a year, may also receive a Finnish personal identity number for example in order to work. In these cases, the foreigner is not registered to a Finnish municipality as a resident. You can get a Finnish identity code by visiting the Local Register Office, Tax Office or the Social Insurance Institution (KELA). Please notice that in addition to proving your identity, you need to have an employment contract or some other document as a proof of your work. Please see more details here; to access the list of required documents registering personal data, please open this link.

A person, who is staying in Finland permanently, at least for a year, will be registered as a resident in a Finnish municipality. If a citizen of EU/EEA country has resided in Finland for more than three months a certificate showing a foreign citizen’s registration of a residence permit is required. In addition a Finnish identity code will be issued to a foreign person who is staying in Finland permanently. The registration must be carried out at the Local Register Office. The registered information will be used e.g. in health care and taxation.
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