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If you intend to reside in Finland less than three months, you do not need to have a residence permit. Please notice that you might still need a visa. If you intend to work in Finland for longer than three months, you are required to acquire a residence permit. Please see more information from the section “Things to do before arrival - residence permits”.

A foreigner, who is residing in Finland on a temporary basis, generally for less than a year, may also receive a Finnish personal identity number e.g. in order to work. In these cases, the foreigner is not registered to a Finnish municipality as a resident. The Finnish identity code can be issued by the Local Register Office, Tax Office or the Social Insurance Institution (KELA). Please notice that you need to have an employment contract or some other document as a proof of your work. Please see more details here. The list of required documents when registering personal data can be obtained via this link.

Foreign people, who intend to reside in Finland permanently, at least for a year, and have been issued a permanent, continuous residence permit or a temporary residence permit for at least a year, will be registered as a resident to Finnish municipality. Also a Finnish identity code will be issued to a foreign person who is staying in Finland permanently. Consequently, foreigners are required to visit the Local Register Office and register the same information as Finnish citizens if they intend to reside in Finland permanently. The registered information that will be transferred to the Finnish Population Information System contains personal data (name, date of birth, nationality, family relationships, and address). The registered information will be used e.g. in health care and taxation. Foreign persons will also be issued a personal identity code and it is issued by the Local Register Office. More information can be obtained here.
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