Telephone and internet connection

There are several companies that provide competitive telecommunications and ICT services in Finland. A prepaid mobile phone connection is easy to get.

Then again, in Finland it is a bit of a challenge for foreign persons to acquire an Internet connection. Without a Finnish identity number it is possible to provide prepaid Internet connections which may be easy to get but generally are more expensive than other Internet connections. Even if a person has a Finnish identity number but has not resided in Finland for a certain time, acquiring an Internet connection might require paying a deposit which can be several hundred euros. Comparing prices is advisable, because the rates and charges depend on the operator.

To get more information, please visit the local service providers. Sonera, Elisa and DNA shops have customer service counters in the town centre; shops can be found from the Shopping Centre Revontuli. TeleFinland is located in the same building as a supermarket called Citymarket, not very far away from the city centre.
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