The third building stage of the university was completed, and the Faculty of Art and Design moves to the same campus area with other units.
University’s old time rector, professor Esko Riepula retires. Professor, PhD Mauri Ylä-Kotola is elected to rector for a five-year period starting 1st of August.


University of Lapland’s Regional Services were established on 1st of August. The new unit consist of four profit units: Education and Development Services, Open University, Regional Development and Innovation Services, and Regional Research Services.


The third Conferment of Degrees was held on 27th to 29th of May.
Faculty of Business and Tourism was established.

Teacher Training School moves to new premises (Pohjolankatu 23, Rovaniemi).

University held it’s 20th Anniversary.
The Annual Ceremony of the University was held for the first time.
The second Conferment of Degrees was held on 3rd to 5th of June.

 1998   Meri-Lappi Institute (Kemi) was established together with University of Oulu on 1st of January. The Business and Design Services Unit in Kemi was merged into Meri-Lappi Institute.

 1997   The Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority Law was merged with the Arctic Centre on 1st of March.

 1996   The Rovaniemi Institute of Art and Craft was merged with the Faculty of Art and Design on 1st of August.

 1994   Business and Design Services were established in Kemi.


The first Conferment of Degrees was held on 4th to 6th of June 1992.
The second stage of the University’s Main Building was completed.
Arktikum House was opened on 6th of December.

 1991   University College of Lapland became the University of Lapland on 1st of January. 

 1990   Faculty of Art and Design was established.

Arctic Centre was established.

  University gets own campus area when the first stage of the University’s Main Building was completed to district Rantavitikka in Rovaniemi.

 1985   The Northern Institute for Enviromental and Minority Law was established.

 1983   Language Centre and Continuing Education Centre were established.

 1982   Faculty of Social Sciences was established.



University College of Lapland was founded. The law of the university was passed on 1st of March, 1979 in the Finnish Parliament.
Faculty of Education and Faculty of Law were established, as well as University Library.

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