Research paper sessions on Thursday
12:00 - 14:00
Session 1: Creating Inclusive cultures, policies and practices in higher education
Helena Koskinen English
Helena Koskinen: Inclusion and participation in adult education – case: experiences in exploiting diversity of study group in teachers’ pedagogical studies
Päivi Rasi: Towards culturally more inclusive curricula and university teaching – A case study on an international master’s programme
Session 2: Managing learning in inclusive settings
Suvi Lakkala
English - Russian
Virpi Louhela-Risteelä: How to create an inclusive class?
Erja Kautto-Knape: Inclusion for all – what does the diversity of all learners mean?
Annet De Vroey: Support for (inclusive) learning in secondary schools in Flanders. Processing support development.
14:30 - 16:00
Session 3: Identification and creation of resources for inclusive education through school and community collaboration
Tatiana Kuzmicheva & Natalia Flotskaya
English - Russian

Essi Kesälahti: Administrative support in implementing inclusion. A case study of three comprehensive schools in a northern municipality of Finland

Tatiana Kuzmicheva & Yulia Afonkina: Search and creation of the resourses for the development of inclusive education in Murmansk region
Sai Väyrynen: Creating resources for inclusion through school and community collaboration
Zoya Usova: Social competencies of teachers working in inclusive classes
Session 5: Managing learning in inclusive settings Suvi Lakkala English
Jenny Siivola: Finnish Teachers Supporting the Development of Social Skills    
Andrey Tikhonov: Do we need a teacher with disability in inclusive educational environment?    
Rauni Äärelä: The implementation and characteristics of Sámi language immersion    
Session 6: Teacher education for Inclusion
Outi Kyrö-Ämmälä
William Nketsia: Evaluation of special education course in the colleges of education in Ghana    
Juan Miguel Diaz Castro: When no one answers - Defining Autism through interviews with adult Autists    
Seppo Karppinen & Timo Latomaa: The quality criteria of hospital education and further training of teachers