Edited by Sari Väyrynen. Translated by Richard Foley.

1. When and where I can see the Northern Lights?

The statistics of the Finnish Meteorological Institute say that you can see them anywhere in Lapland on clear autumn and spring nights.

The best time to catch them is between September and March around midnight. On average they appear every second night in Rovaniemi and every night in northernmost Lapland

 When it’s cloudy, you can’t see the Northern Lights, and light sources such as streetlights make it harder to see them in built-up areas.

It is impossible to predict exactly where and when a natural phenomenon will occur, but a visit to Auroras Now! might improve your chances.

2. I am an exchange student. Can I buy a reindeer calf to take home with me?

“In principle, the answer is yes – if you can find someone selling one”, says Anne Ollila, managing director of the Reindeer Herders’ Association.

“But you also have to check the regulations on importing and transporting animals. In your home country you won’t be able to let the reindeer loose in the wilds or keep it in your backyard in the city. It has to be cared for like a reindeer and kept in a corral. This means you’ll have to have huge pastures for it.”

All in all you’re better off admiring reindeer here in Lapland.
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