By Sari Väyrynen. Translated by Richard Foley. Photo by Arto Liiti.

When Kirsi Päiväniemi was designing a silk-screen print during her internship at Marimekko, she had no idea that the butterfly in the pattern would fly into her life permanently.

”After the internship I produced a small run of bags with a butterfly on them as part of my studies, and surprisingly they sold out in a month”, recalls the designer, who now holds her master’s from the University’s Faculty of Art and Design.

Today, almost ten years later, the same butterfly adorns Päiväniemi’s own Cho Cho line – hand-printed cloth bags and purses, interior products and leather bags. There are two other things besides the butterfly which the designer does not compromise on:

”I want to show an appreciation for Finnish labour and the spirit of the products: clarity, timelessness and practicality. This is why I design and print all the cloth used in the Cho Cho line myself and why the products are sewn in Finland.”
Kirsi Päiväniemi’s company is called Cho Cho. But what does it mean?

It’s Japanese and means ”butterfly”– of course.
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