By Olli Tiuraniemi. Translated by Richard Foley. Photo by Arto Liiti.

Training Secretary Outi Piipponen took up scuba diving in 2005.

“The very first time I dove, I got the feeling this is my thing”, Outi says.

Scuba diving is possible year round even in the North: In the summer you can dive right off the shore or from a boat; in winter you can go underwater through a winter swimming hole.

“Winter diving is not as forbidding as you might think. The landscape under the ice can be beautiful in fact when the glow of the sun comes through the ice and snow into the black water. Not even the frigid water is a problem if you have the right gear.”

Outi does some 40 dives between June and October. In summer, you can do as many as three dives a day.

In summer, Outi dives mostly in and around Rovaniemi, but her hobby has taken her to the Red Sea and the Arctic Ocean, where the visibility is good and there is a wealth of undersea life.

“In the Arctic Ocean we use a spear or harpoon to fish for wolf-fish and flounder. In the evening we fry up the day’s catch.”
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