University Board

The Board of the University of Lapland has 11 members: five of them are external and six are from within the university. Professors have two representatives; researchers, teachers and general personnel have two as well; and also students are represented by two members of the board.

The term of the Board is from 1 January 2012 to 31 December 2014.

External members:

Raimo Väyrynen, Professor, Chairman of the University Board
Markku Salomaa, Managing Director of OP-Pohjola Bank, Vice-Chairman of the University Board
Matti Hepola, Publishing Director, Studio Tuumat Oy
Tarmo Jomppanen, Director of Sami Museum
Marja Vaarama, Chief Director of the National Institute for Health and Welfare


Professor Merja Kinnunen, Faculty of Social Sciences
Professor Rauno Korhonen, Faculty of Law

Other teachers, researchers, and personnel:

Researher Minni Haanpää, Multidimensional Tourism Institute
Research Services Manager Satu Pesola, Central Administration


Micke Kari
Julius Oförsagd
(term for students: from 1 January 2014 to 31 December 2014)

Board’s tasks are

(Rules and Regulations of the University of Lapland, section 9)

  • to decide on the central objectives, strategy, and steering principles of the operation and economy of the university;
  • to decide on the university’s operational and financial plan and budget and to draw up the financial statement;
  • to be responsible for the management and usage of the university’s capital, unless the board has transferred the authority to the rector;
  • to arrange control over accounting and financial management;
  • to approve contracts that are significant to or concern the principles of the operation of the university and to provide statements in important issues concerning the principles of the university;
  • to approve contracts with the Ministry of Education on behalf of the university;
  • to appoint and to remove the rector from office if there is a justifiable reason considering the nature of the position;
  • to appoint the vice rectors according to the rector’s proposal;
  • to approve the rules and regulations and other stipulations concerning general organization and to decide on the university’s operational structure;
  • to provide a proposal for the Ministry of Education on altering the educational responsibility of the university;
  • to decide on the number of students to be admitted into the university;
  • to decide on arranging a conferment of degrees and to grant the title of doctor honoris causa as proposed by a faculty or special unit;
  • to grant the right to use professor’s title to a person working for the university;
  • to set the university consortium's Advisory Board in cooperation with the Rovaniemi and Kemi-Tornio Universities of Applied Sciences.
It is the task of the chair of the Board, together with the rector, to carry out the agreement negotiations with the Ministry of Education.
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