Read the job profile chart carefully before filling in the form and evaluating the job demands level of your job.  The purpose of the evaluation is to identify the appropriate job demands level for the job from the job profile chart.

The objective is to evaluate the demands of the job, not employee performance.

The employee should prepare a description of his/her job and go over it with their supervisor. The parties should try to reach agreement on the job description.  The supervisor makes the ultimate decision as to what is in the job description and any changes to those contents.  The actual tasks of the job should be listed in the job description.

The demands of the job are to be evaluated by comparing the job description to the job profiles and evaluation factors at each level. The evaluation is to be carried out factor by factor.  If the demands of the job for one factor are at a different level than for the rest, this (job demands level)  should be indicated in the job description and evaluation form.  If there are elements that correspond to the job at several levels, the level to which the majority of the tasks correspond to should be recorded as the job demands level of the job.  The overall picture provided by the job profile and evaluation factors determines the job demands level of the job.

If the employee and supervisor do not agree on the job demands level, reasons should be provided at the end of the form under “Further information”.

The supervisor and employee should both receive a signed copy of the job description and evaluation form.  The supervisor should propose a suitable job demands level. The head of the unit should compare the job with others to which this scheme is applied, and should provide his/her own view.

The evaluations should be forwarded to the University Job Evaluation Panel. The Panel handles the evaluations, and forms its own opinion of the evaluations by comparing them to other jobs under the same evaluation scheme. The Evaluation Panel will propose a suitable demand level for each position to the employer. The employer confirms the demand level.     




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