Main Building of the University



Basement: Computer room for free use 
I floor: Faculty of Social Sciences, YTHS (Student Health Care Foundation), computer rooms 120 - 121, lecture halls 4 - 7, 19 - 21 and seminar halls 23 - 24 
II floor: Faculty of Social Sciences, seminar halls 4 - 7


I and II floor: Library II floor: Maailmankylä (Global Village) / Computer room 122, computer room 123
III floor: Researchers’ rooms 


I floor:  Information, restaurant Felli, kiosk, lecture hall Fellman, lecture halls 2 - 3 and 8 - 10 II floor: Faculty of Law, lecture hall 23, seminar halls 9 -10 
III floor: Institute of Air and Space Law


Basement: Computer rooms 102, 119 I floor: Cafe Lovisa, lecture hall Castrén 11, lecture halls 12 -13 and 16 - 18, seminar hall 12,  media lab 107, work shop, arts and textiles 
II floor: Faculty of Education, seminar halls 14 - 20, biology, physics, music, special and elementary education
III floor: Faculty of Education


Basement: University Press, publications I floor: Student Services, seminar hall 13, language lab, Career Services, Open University, International Studies Centre, International Office, mailing
II floor: Language Centre, Accounting
III floor: Rector, Personnel, Planning and Finance, Records 


I floor: Information, HelpDesk, restaurant Petronella, Galleries
II floor: Faculty of Art and Design, Audiovisual Media Culture, Graphic Design, Industrial design, Corporate Communications, Open University
III floor: Faculty of Art and Design, Textile and Clothing Design, ICT Services
IV floor: Faculty of Art and Design, Fine Art and Cultural Studies
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