Planning your visit

If you are planning a visit to the University of Lapland, please proceed with the following steps:

The University of Lapland has four faculties (Social Sciences, Law, Education and Art & Design) and a Language Centre, which is in charge of all the language tuition at the university.


  • Once the faculty or unit has reviewed the proposed plan, they will be in contact with the candidate and discuss the plan further.

  • Please make sure to contact the relevant faculty or unit at least one month before your proposed visit. The faculties need approximately two weeks to handle the proposed teaching plans and make a schedule for the visit.

In order for the faculties to include the visit into the teaching schedules, they need a thorough description of the proposed topics and teaching methods in advance. If you are interested in staff exchange, the university needs to know which types of tasks you wish to learn about and what your responsibilities are at your home institution. This way we can ensure that your visit will be planned in the relevant unit.

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