Application Timeline and Student Selection

Below you will find a timeline of procedures and events involved in applying for the bachelor’s degree studies here at the University of Lapland. This information will help guide you through the application process and may also answer some questions you have.

Timeline for Bachelor’s Degree Applicants
Accepting the Study Place
How to Appeal?

Timeline for Bachelor’s Degree Applicants

• The application period to apply for bachelor’s level studies for the academic year 2012-2013 begins on March 5th, 2012 and ends on April 3rd, 2012.

• Check that you fulfil the general admission requirements.

• Fill in and submit the application form at (application form available only in Finnish).

• Send the required documents to the Student Services Office of the University of Lapland by April 12th, 2012 at 16:15 local time (GMT +2).

• Wait for the invitation to attend an entrance examination. Please note that the earlier you apply the earlier you have the possibility to receive the invitation. Keep this in mind especially if you need to make travel and visa arrangements to attend the entrance examination.

• Check when and where the entrance examination is held, and in case you need to make travel and visa arrangements to attend the entrance examinations start the arrangements as soon as you get the invitation letter.

• Attend the entrance examination in Rovaniemi on June 6th, 2012 at 10:00 to 14:00 local time (GMT +2). Bring an ID-card and writing equipment with you to the examination. Check from the invitation if there is anything else you need to bring, or if any prior reading is required.

• All applicants will be notified of their status by letter, so wait for the mail. If the applicant has given her/his permission, then when accepted, their name will also be posted on the university’s web-pages.

• The selection of students is made on the basis of results of the entrance examination. All applicants have the right to see his/her exam papers and points given.

• If you accept the study place offered to you, then you should confirm this by either going on-line to or by returning the confirmation form sent along with the acceptance letter by July 31st, 2012 at 16:15 local time (GMT +2).

• Please note that during any given academic year, student applying for degree studies can only accept one study place from a Finnish higher education institution (see provision below for details).

• After accepting your study place you should enrol at the university. Instructions on enrolment procedures will be sent to you along with your acceptance letter. Please note that when you enrol you should be prepared to present the original documents of your previous educational accomplishments (diplomas, certificates, transcripts, grade reports, etc.).

• You should not begin looking for accommodations / apartment. The Domus Arctica student housing foundation ( offers student housing at several locations in Rovaniemi. You can apply for an apartment even before you have received a letter of acceptance. Please note that there can be long queues for student housing.

If you have any questions concerning the online application form then please contact yliopistohaku[at] . If you have any questions concerning the admission requirements or the application process, then please contact admission[at]


Accepting the Study Place

Accepted applicants will receive instructions and a Confirmation of Acceptance form with their acceptance letter. To study at the university, the faculty in question must receive the Confirmation of Acceptance form for the study place that has been offered. Accepted applicants must return the confirmation form and register to the University of Lapland according to the directions and deadlines stated in the acceptance letter. Please note that if you do not submit the confirmation form by July 31st, 2012, you will lose the place of study reserved for you.

Read and follow the instructions in the acceptance letter very carefully. If you are uncertain of how you should proceed, then please don’t hesitate to contact admission[at] or the student services office.

One-place-per-student provision in higher education

According to the legal provision, a student may accept only one study place in a degree programme leading to a higher education degree during any one academic term. Nevertheless, a student may apply to several faculties. The purpose is to ensure admission to higher education institutions for as many students as possible. Student placements are monitored through the nationwide HAREK applicant and student database. More information is available on Koulutusnetti web service.


How to Appeal?

Bachelor’s degree applicants who are not satisfied with the results of the student selection may appeal in writing to the faculty in question. Such an appeal must be submitted within 14 days from the time the applicant had the possibility of receiving information on the student selection.

In the appeal, the applicant must specify in what way he/she is not satisfied with the result and on what grounds he/she is appealing to change the student selection results. The appeal must be written and it is to be submitted to the University of Lapland, Registry Office 

Mailing address:
University of Lapland
Registry Office
P.O.Box 122

Visiting address:
Yliopistonkatu 8



Please note that information presented on these web pages is subject to changes. The International Office and the Faculties of the University of Lapland reserve the right to interpret and change the conditions of admission of international students.