Application Timeline and Student Selection 

Below you will find a timeline of procedures and events involved in applying for the master’s degree programmes here at the University of Lapland.  This information will help guide you through the application process and may also answer some questions you have.



Timeline for Master’s Degree Applicants
Accepting the Study Place
How to Appeal?
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Timeline for Master’s Degree Applicants

  • Application period for studies starting in September 2016 is 1 December 2016 -31 January 2017 (15:00 GMT +2).

  • The results of student selection will be released on May 5th 2017 latest. Results may be published also on an earlied date.
  • Check that you fulfill the general admission requirements and the faculty-specific requirements.
  • All applicants will receive a letter notifying them of their student selection status.  Along with the acceptance letter, accepted students will receive a confirmation form for their study place.
  • If you accept the study place offered to you for the then you should confirm this by returning the confirmation form to the university by June 10th, 2017 (date to be confirme) at the latest.
  • After accepting your study place you should enroll to the university. Instructions on enrollment can be found here and will also be sent to you along with your acceptance letter. Please note that you should be prepared to present your original degree certificates upon your arrival to University of Lapland in the beginning of your studies.
  • Apply for an apartment. The Domus Arctica student housing foundation ( offers student housing in several locations in Rovaniemi. You can apply for an apartment even when you haven’t received a letter of acceptance yet. Please note that there can be long queues for the student housing.

Accepting the Study Place

Accepted applicants will receive instructions and a Confirmation of Acceptance form with their acceptance letter. To study at the university, the faculty in question must receive the Confirmation of Acceptance form for the study place that has been offered. Accepted applicants must return the confirmation form and register to the University of Lapland according to the directions and deadlines stated in the acceptance letter.

Please note that if you do not submit the confirmation form by June 10th, 2017 (date to be confirmed) then  you will lose the place of study reserved for you.

Read and follow the instructions in the acceptance letter very carefully. If you are uncertain of how you should proceed, then please don’t hesitate to contact admission[at] or the student services office.

How to Appeal?

Master’s degree applicants who are not satisfied with the results of the student selection may appeal in writing to the faculty in question. Such an appeal must be submitted by May 19th 2017 (date to be confirmed).

In the appeal the applicant must specify in what way he/she is not satisfied with the result and on what grounds he/she is appealing to change the student selection results. The appeal must be written and it is to be submitted to the University of Lapland, Registry Office.

Note that only the original, signed appeal/request for reassessment will be processed in the Faculty. If you want to ensure that your appeal arrives by the given deadline, we strongly recommend that you send it via international courier or express mail.

Mailing address:
University of Lapland
Registry Office
P.O.Box 122

Visiting address:
Yliopistonkatu 8

Contact Information

Admission requirement, application process contact information
If you have questions concerning the admission requirements or the application process, then please contact



Please note that information presented on these web pages is subject to changes. The International Relations Office and the Faculties of the University of Lapland reserve the right to interpret and change the conditions of admission of international students.


Application Period:
Application period for studies starting in September 2017:

1 December 2016 - 31 January 2017 (15:00 GMT +2)

The Master's degree programmes open for

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