Cost of Studying and Living

Tuition Fees

Who will need to pay?

Finnish Universities have newly introduced a tuition fee policy. The tuition fee is only applicable to degree students arriving from outside the EU or EEA countries and have been accepted to study a Master's degree here at University of Lapland. Tuition fees are only applicable to new students starting theis studies in autumn 2017.

Who will not have to pay?

•    The fees are not applicable to exchange or doctoral students
•    EU/EEA citizens or their family members (spouse / child)
•    Students who are already residing in Finland or some other EU country on a permanent basis (i.e. are equivalent to EU citizens)

Amount of the fee

The fee is 8 000 per academic year. The fee will be equal for all Master-level programmes.

How do I pay for the fee?

The fee can be paid via International credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Eurocard) or via bank transfer.

The fee can be paid in two instalments.

The first instalment has to be paid in the end of July, before starting studies. The second instalment is due in January.


Who can apply for a scholarship?

Students who are obligated to pay for tuition fees are also able to apply for a scholarship.
Students receiving the scholarship will be selected as a basis on their academic merits.

How much is the scholarship?

All students starting their studies in autumn 2017 will be granted a scholarship of 4 000 euros. This means that you will only have to pay half of your tuition.

In addition one forth of the students will recieve a scholarship covering 100 % of the tuition.

Number of students               Scholarships / euros
1/4 of accepted students        8  000 euros
3/4 of accepted studenst        4 000 euros

How to apply?

The scholarships can be applied as a part of the application form for your study place. No need to fill in any additional papers.

The scholarship will be granted as a waiver for your tuition.


Other expences of living in Rovaniemi

Student Union Membership

All degree students are automatically members of the Student union and can benefit from their services and discounts. Please see the current academic year's membership fee information at the University of Lapland Student Union LYY pages. For exchange and doctoral students the membership is voluntary. More information on the Student union and the benefits at the LYY pages.

Living costs in Finland and in Rovaniemi

In Finland, the general cost of living is relatively high, but still approximately the same as in other EU countries. In the north of Finland the living expences are usually lower than in the southern Finland. Living expenses in Rovaniemi for a student are in an average 600–900 € per month. Following is an estimate of a Master's degree student’s monthly budget

Rent 140–450 €
Food 250 €
Transportation 50 €
Leisure, other expenses 130 €
Total 570–880 €

Doctoral level students' living expenses are higher (about 12001500 € per month), because they are not entitled to same benefits as degree students.

Example Prices for food and drink at the University


PRICE (approximately)

Lunch (with student card)

2,60 €


1 €


0,90 €

Hot chocolate

1,30 €

Beverages (0,5l)

2,20 €

Juice (2 dl)

1 €

Stuffed bun/rye bread

2,20 €

Pizza slice

2,80 €


1,70 €


0,70 €


0,70 €

Chocolate bar

0,75 €


Example Prices for School Supplies at the University:


PRICE (approximately)


1,10 €


0,80 €


0,60 €


1,70 €

Copy paper (500 pcs.)

4,90 €

Copy card

50 copies 6 €

100 copies 9 €

200 copies 16,80 €

500 copies 26 €


Example Prices for Leisure Activities in Rovaniemi:


PRICE (approximately)


6,50-14 €

Ski lift pass (1 hour-1 day)

15,50 - 27,50 €

Sport pass (Student Union)

25 €/semester

35 €/academic year


3,70-4,60 €

(with student card)

Bowling (1 hour)

12-27 €

Fast food meals


Eating out (restaurants)

10-20 € -->

Live music

0-15 €

Night life entrance fees

0-5 €

Sufficient funds to support living in Finland (residence permit)

In order to receive a residence permit, you must have sufficient funds to support living in Finland. The amount of funds required from students is based on the cost of living in Finland, and as the cost of living has increased, so has the required income level for livelihood.

A student must have access to:

• 6,720 euros per year, or
• 560 euros per each month you'll be staying in Finland.

Detailed information on the Residence Permit requirements can be found on the Finnish Immigration Service's pages.