Art by the Staff

Members of the Faculty of Art and Design staff include practising artists of different fine arts, media art, design, environmental and community art. Their artistic works include local as well as national and international pieces and productions.

Artwork by the following members of staff can be found via the links on the left:

Audiovisual Media Culture

Eija Timonen, Professor of Media Studies
Tomi Knuutila, Lecturer in Digital Media
Jari Mikkola, Full-time Instructor in Multimedia
Timo Haanpää, Full-time Instructor in Video Expression

Graphic Design

Silja Nikula, Lecturer in Graphic Design

Art Education

Timo Jokela, Dean of the Faculty of Art and Design / Professor of Art Education
Mirja Hiltunen, Lecturer in Art Education
Maria Huhmarniemi, Lecturer in Art Education

Fine Art and Cultural Studies

Tuija Hautala-Hirvioja, Professor of Art History
Jaana Erkkilä, Professor of Fine Art
Tom Engblom, Lecturer in Plastic Design

Textile and Clothing Design

Marjatta Heikkilä-Rastas, Professor of Fashion and Textile Design

Samples of artwork by staff members in other faculties of the University:

Faculty of Education

Seija Ulkuniemi, Senior Lecturer in Art Education