Tom Engblom | Lecturer in Plastic Design

I am currently working on the theme of "concrete skin". My aim is to create a dialogue or connection between human skin and the architecture of construction.

Skin is sentient. We feel heat and pressure. We feel the touch and closeness of another person. It expresses sensitivity or strength and contains emotion. Touch is a conversation between two people that does not require words.

Skin is also a surface which functions as a palette. Decorations on the skin – tattoos, piercings and jewelry – are forms of expression by which wearers express their sense of belonging to their environment and their opinions about their individuality and themselves as a part of their community.

The idea in these pieces is to connect the sentient, feeling skin with architectural concrete, generally considered boring and hard. This could be seen as a suggestion of the user's anthropomorphic perception of space.



Tom Engblom

Lecturer in Plastic Design
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